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Why Every Contractor Needs Insurance Protection

Contractors face many challenges even when a project is moving ahead as planned. General contractors have contractual obligations and the threat of a financial loss if a construction defect claim is filed. In order to guard against losses associated with injuries or other damages, contractors need the protection provided by a product liability insurance policy.

We live in a litigious world, and there are law firms that make millions by bringing claims against construction professionals, including general contractors, artisans, and specialty contractors. Any project can run into unforeseen problems when something goes wrong and an injury, water damage, or any other incident can result in a lawsuit or claim. Your product liability insurance can save you from financial losses that go far beyond what you could afford out-of-pocket.

Product Defects and Liability for Contractors

Product liability insurance protects you against the responsibility associated with product defects. Any physical item that has been installed in or on a property that was defective, or had design flaws that were not apparent at the time of installation, triggers litigation. When a lawsuit is filed, it will name not only the manufacturer of the product, but oftentimes the contractor responsible for installation of the product as well.

Keep your business healthy by putting the correct policy in place. The level of coverage you need to be protected will be based upon your activities and the risks associated with those activities. Even if a contractor is not found to be negligent, they will likely still be held liable if injuries or damages occur.

While construction contractors are often required to have product liability insurance, the question becomes whether the coverage is adequate and are there better policies available providing better coverage at lower rates?
We will work to help your business get the best coverage possible at the lowest price. We’re happy to review your current liability insurance policy and offer our professional advice and guidance.